foresterHello! I’m Laren, and  I am working on my Masters in Forest Science to inform my interests in environmental regulatory compliance and public lands governance. My thesis work is two-pronged, and includes a true-cost study of three Colorado wildfires as well as an evaluation of the collaborative, restoration focused Joint Chiefs program, an authority of the USFS. I am interested in informing the next generation of natural resource policy and planning by bridging the gap between diverse stakeholders to find durable, legally defensible, community-based solutions.

This past year, I served as co-lead of the Forestry and Public Lands Committee of Colorado State University’s Environmental Policy Awareness Coalition. For three consecutive years, I have been working with the Colorado State Forest Service, updating the Forest Action Plan and working with the Colorado Wood Utilization and Marketing Program. I recently participated in an education abroad program in South Africa, studying the adaptive management strategies and ecology of the Eastern Cape. I received my undergraduate degree in environmental journalism from Colorado State University while serving as the green beat reporter for the Rocky Mountain Collegian, covering natural resource issues and emerging energy policy. 

Feel free to email me at larencyphers@gmail.com with any inquiries.

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