Society of american foresters

Remnants of the High Park Fire Being a new member of the Society of American Foresters has already provided me with an incredible amount of knowledge, inspiration and opportunities in the forestry industry. Visiting the High Park Burn Area with wildland fire experts and talking with landowners impacted by the fire is just one example of the learning opportunities SAF allows. This tight-knit community of foresters will surely prove to be an invaluable resource in my future academic experience and career.

Rock Climbing

Laren bouldering From my love of climbing stems my love of the forest. This sport has really become more of a lifestyle filled with a great community, mental and physical fitness, and a deep respect for the places I climb. Places such as Rocky Mountain National Park inspired my initial interest in forestry and continue to encourage my love of public lands. Climbing for the Colorado State University Climbing Team and volunteering for the Norther Colorado Climbers Coalition takes up a significant portion of my free-time.



Backpacking around the Maroon Bells in Aspen. Backpacking, like climbing, has added to my love of forests and interest in their complexities. It has also helped me develop an understanding for the different forest types, spending time in the dry pinon-juniper forests one weekend and the subalpine spruce-fir the next. I see this activity as less of a hobby and more of a skill.